[power] DataManager 1.3 RuhrSoft Software-Entwicklung
RuhrSoft [power] DataManager is a high-performance tool for processing and administering different databases and cross-database-development.
Supported by a clear presentation, simple and quick access to following SQL-server and datasources:
Gupta SQLBase
Informix 7
xBase and Paradox tables
Simple interface for all datasources and SQL-server
Overview of metadata like connection-/driver-parameter, field-definitions, indices etc.
Overview of all table data, search, filtering and sorting
Copying of records, processing of BLOB fields as hex, memo or image format
High-performance SQL Editor for the effective development of SQL statements with syntax-highlighting, SQL Builder, automatic code-completion, hotkeys and a lot more
Fast compilation of SQL statements via Drag & Drop
Compiling of simple reports with export in PDF, HTML, RTF and more
Data export in various formats, such as XML, HTML, SQL script, xBase, CSV etc.
Function overview
Updates & Bugfixes
HTML-Documentation (Ver. 1.0, Standard and Freeware)
Table data: overview and editing
BLOB Viewer/Editor
Freeware: The freeware version is part of the standard version, with the following restrictions: No direct access to MySQL-, MS-SQL-, InterBase-, Centura- and Oracle databases, no export- and report functions, simplified SQL editor. (see function overview for details)
Standard (Shareware): The registered standard version supports all the functions described here without any restrictions. (see function overview for details)

Registration fee (single license): 250 EUR
Professional (Shareware): The Professional version of [power]Datamanager is expected to be available in autumn 2003 and, in addition to aforementioned functions, it will offer the following features:
Integration of further SQL servers
Data dictionary with table and database history
ER diagrams
Database-user management
SQL code manager
Master detail views
Overview of other database objects such as views, trigger, stored procedures
Automatic generation of components and source code for Borland Delphi and Borland C++Builder
Extended report functions
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