Updates & Bugfixes [power] DataManager RuhrSoft Software-Entwicklung
Ver. 1.3 - 29.11.02
Gupta SQLBase Support
SQL-Editor extensions: Functions for comments, bookmarks, Quick-Search, new clipboard functions, ...
Search/Replace of field values
Improved execute performance for large SQL scripts

Ver. 1.2 - 03.09.02
DDL-Script creation for tables and views
Clipboard-function: copy & paste of table content
Reading of metadata for closed tables

Ver. 1.1 - 15.03.02
Code completion with better performance
Database VIEWS + System-Tables integrated
DROP TABLE for Paradox/xBase
CREATE DATABASE for MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle, InterBase
Faster and better batch mode
Extended error- and message logging
Direct import/export of tables as SQL-Script or dBase table
Fixed bug in ALTER TABLE for Oracle
Find Next for table search
Searching for servers and databases at database-registration
Extended Drag & Drop functions for script-compilation: WHERE, ORDER BY, GROUP BY, LEFT/RIGHT/FULL OUTER JOIN, Sub-Selects
English help
File explorer for SQL scripts
Search/Replace in SQL editor

Ver. 1.0.3 - 30.01.02
Bugfix for switching between open databases
INSERT-, UPDATE, DELETE-Skripte will be really executed...
Better code completion and Drag & Drop
Extended navigation
Execution times of SQL statements
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